Small crew boat pay?

Seems most on the forum are on the much larger vessels, but I’m just curious what the Captain pay would be for running the smaller crew boats, say under 50’ or thereabouts?

Depends on the type of job the boat is engaged in. Lunch bucket operations on the MS. River never paid much, around 150 a day. I ran inland crewboats 12-13 years ago and made 200-225 a day which at the time was basically what the larger offshore crewboats top captains were making. Nowadays there is no telling what they make. I can tell you this though, if you work drilling when things get slow small boats are the first to get tied up and your pay cut or layed off. I was never layed off, but I have had my pay cut 25% when they stacked the rig.

Thanks CaptB. I was just curious and figured the OSV paid more just didn’t know for sure.

Of course they pay more than that. Shoot, 11 years ago they were paying 230 a day for a crew boat captain. Some 100 ton gigs are paying well over $400 a day with DP. I admit I am out of the loop when it comes to exact numbers on this, but I know several guys that are making this and more with a 100 ton license.