100 ton captain pay

Wanting to know if anyone has any idea how much a 100 ton captain with basic dp makes and if anyone is hireing when I go looking I want to know how much money to ask for hate to go somewhere and ask for to much or to little if anyone has any advice thanks

Abdon is always hiring. Odyesea is another good one but they don’t hire as often.

Most companies have a set pay for each position. It’s more about what each company is paying and will hire you coupled with how much experience you have.

Thanks for the info I have 8 yrs on crew boats 5 yrs as captain and just got my basic dp last month I want to get on suppy boats and work toward my 500 ton I here aco is pretty much 500 ton boats don’t no if me being on a crew boat will hurt my chances of hireing on and do you no what the start out pay is with basic dp at aco

ACO is 100 ton boats. Even the big ones. Tonnage doors work miracles…

Yeah I new they were 100 ton I should have worded it differant. what I was told they are set up a lot like 500 ton boat don’t no how true that is. and do you no what they pay starting out and what you can get up to. and also me being on crewboats for the past 8 yrs will hurt my chances I no I can learn and will be willing to work deckhand for a lil while. and thanks again for all the info I don’t no a lot of people outside my company. and g.captain is a great source of info but I found very little on pay for dp with differant company’s

You start at 325 as a third who has to have his hand held like a little baby no matter your experience. Pay goes up as you’re boat gets bigger. Heard it topped out around 500, but heard it was cut back a while ago. If a big boat is what you want you have better put you’re kevlar on and be sure to being a gun to the knife fights that happen over there because of peoples egos.

The bigger boats are drilling boats with bulk tanks and everything. The smaller ones just have mud and methanol tanks.

Your crew boat experience won’t hold you back, just remember that things move a bit slower on a steel hull. It’s really all about being in the right place at the right time.

Since many employers look into these forums, you might want to figure out the spell check fuction.:slight_smile: