Slow TV

A Norwegian speciality is “Slow TV”.
Now a new attempt is in progress on NRK2:

With a little luck and good will from the reindeers they will reach the summer grazing area in 7 days.
You can follow their progress here:

As expected not much interest for this phenomena on an American mainly forum, but actually the phenomena has become quite popular, even outside Norway. (In America mainly as a subject of jokes on late night comedy shows)

But CBS has take on itself the unenviable task of explaining the attraction of Slow TV to an American audience:
Now you get it???

Americans have long understood and mastered this kind of television programming, and you Norwegians have a lot of work to do before you can beat us. Consider this example which is five minutes and twenty one seconds of video that actually slows the passage of time so much that you’ll age almost an hour if you manage to watch the whole thing.

The only thing worse that I ever personally experienced is American produced safety training videos.

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I managed nearly a minute of that example.

Now, for those who would like to watch a “short” example of NRK’s Slow TV, here is their first attempt at the art in full (7 hrs. 14 min.):

Enjoy the trip from Bergen to Oslo in the comfort of a seat with ample leg room,unlike flying the same stretch in 30 min. but counting the time to/from the center of town at each end + the time for check-in, security etc. actually take you more like 3-3.5 hrs.

The trip will take you across the highest mountain plateau in Europe, with the highest station (Finse) at 1222 m.a.s.l. and the most spectacular landscape on either side.

Here is all the information you need if you should want to experience the trip in person:

No offense, but I watch enough screens at work. When I’m at home the LAST thing I want to do is sit in front of another screen, let alone for 7 hours. There’s just too much other stuff that I’d rather be doing. I do have a TV, and, believe it or not, I even turned it on once this year. It sat unplugged for the three years prior, but my daughter really wanted to watch Peppa Pig.

It’s for people with high blood pressure. /s

Any update on when we can see the slow tv footage of you falling down every flight of stairs in the tallest building in Norway?

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I asked them, but they said it wouldn’t be slow enough. Lighting a log fire and watch it for a day or so is more interesting. Try it, you’ll be totally relaxed.

Couldn’t you just light your own real-life log fire? Are Norwegians getting as lazy as us?

Heck, it would probably take less time to hit the start button on the gas fireplace than it would to look up the log fire on youtube

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Who has better park rangers? USA or Norway.

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Those should be worn with Swedish Safety Boots:

(The blue bit)

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Yes it would be, but Norwegian homes are heated by electricity, not Gas
Besides, both those options does not give the same feeling of “koselig” as a sparking log fire in an open fireplace. (Neither does a log fire on TV, I resume)

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but a new season of Slow TV is coming your way this summer; Slow TV from Svalbard:

MS Spitsbergen, a cruise ship that regularly sails around Svalbard”. No, this will be her first season there.
They should have used the veteran MS Nordstjernen for this program in my opinion.