Slow tv from Svalbard

NRK are showing slow TV from an expedition on MS Spitsbergen around Svalbard last Aug. It is shown as if happening now.
It is for a Norwegian audience, so text and spoken words are in Norwegian, but the pictures speaks volums.

They are presently at day 2 and 22 hrs.:

Hope it shows up at yourlocation. No problem here in Singapore.

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Obviously not much interest in this progam here, but a lot of comments from a worldwide audiance elsewhere, especially Hurtigruten entusiasts and seafarers.
I watched them trying to move to the north and east to circumnavigate the entire archipelago, but got stopped by drift ice at 80 degr. 36 min. North.

They are now heading for Hindloopen Strait to check ice condition there to be able to head south to the east of Spitsbergen Island.
Expecting to see the wrecke trawler there as they pass the narrowest part.

PS>Has anybody checked if it can be seen in the US?

Works fine in Rhode Island. I must say she looks just a bit silly with that cutwater camera on a selfie stick off the bow. :wink:

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