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I’m in the process of getting my TWIC, Mmc, etc. Hoping to qualify for QMED endorsement from time spent in the Navy as electrician. I can’t afford to go to Piney point for a year with little pay, I have a family that relies on my income, so should I consider going into SIU or try to get on with a company after I get all my credentials complete? I have heard I would have to be a c book and would like to know if it is hard to get work as a c book? Or would I be better off trying to get a non union job? Thanks for any advice. Also what STCW endorsement are typically required for a QMED?

A QMED working where STCW is required will likely need Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch and Able Seafarer-Engine. Although an electrician may not be a watch stander, RFPEW is still required as qualifying for it is a prerequisite for AS-E. You will almost certainly also need STCW Basic Training.

If you live on the West Coast, visit one of the MFOW hiring halls (Los Angeles, San Francisco Seattle or Honolulu). We actively recruit ex-US Navy EM, IC, ET, MM, BT, EN, GS, GSE, HT ratings. Visit Minimum requirements are MMC endorsed with Wiper, STCW Med Cert, BT and VPDSD, TWIC, Passport, COVID Vax, and recent Drug Screen.

Thanks but I live on the gulf coast of Florida. Any suggestions for the east coast?

It might be worth your time to check them out. While it makes things easier if you lived on the west coast, it is not mandatory. Patriot (MFOW contract) may have Ready Reserve ships stationed on the east & gulf coasts. If you are sailing it really doesn’t matter where you live, IMO.

Yes. The SIU - Atlantic, Gulf, Lakes, Inland Waters.

Anthony Poplawski
Marine Firemen’s Union

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Years ago SIU wouldn’t even consider qmed if not coming from piney point. And ‘c’ book would live you with about zero chance to get a job. But it might change after Covid. Last year they call me, on my personal phone , asking if by any chance I need a job! So, I would definitely go and check Union Hall in Miami.