Good afternoon,

Does anyone have insight into companies that hire American in Singapore? I have sailed up to Master and have all associated government certs as well as marine side drilling certs. Any information would be much appreciated!

AFAIK all Shipowners/Management companies operating in Singapore hires Seafarers based on qualifications and experience, not nationality of applicants.
That applies to offshore marine as well as commercial shipping and whether for Singapore or FOC registered vessel being managed from Singapore.

The minimum requirement for serving on any ship is that you are able to obtain an Endorsement (CoE) from the Flag State Authorities. This is based on valid national credential per STCW’10 and that the flag state accept credential issued by your country.
For Singapore flag vessels this applies:

Source: Training & Certification of Seafarers | Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

PS> I don’t know of any shipmanagement companies, in Singapore or anywhere else, that specifically hire American mariners, unless for vessels under US flag.

PPS> Singapore MPA does NOT accept CoCs from a country different from the passport you hold. (Unless it has changed lately)

All the major Ship Management companies are represented in Singapore: