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you are going to get automation whether you like it or not.
Its just gov panic that they have less taxpayers to fund pensions is why they keep saying oh panic ageing workforce.
When your population gets older they use less resources, you need less workers.


PSA is going green:


Another regular Shipping conference to be held in Singapore this March, with an impressive list of speakers and sponsors:


Saw this on Reuters:


Singapore is seen as a prime target by certain terrorist groups exactly because it is seen as a safe and well protected place. If you can make even a small 'bang" in Singapore it proves you ability to hit anywhere. Thus, Singapore must always be prepared and ready at all times.

There haven’t been a successful terrorist action in Singapore since the bombing of the McDonald House during the “Konfrontasi” with Indonesia in 1965:

The hijacking of the ferry Laju by Japanese Red Army in 1974 is the only other terrorist action that has taken place in Singapore:

While the freeing of hostages from the hijacked SIA Flight 117 in 1991 is maybe one of the best proofs that Singapore have the capabilities and willingness required to deal with terrorist situations to date:

Yes Singapore is strict and may not have the “freedom” of America, but it is among the safest places in the world to live. The Singapore Government is fully aware of the danger, but they are not paranoid about it.


Yes Singapore is on alert and ready. Here is a report on CNA today:

Religion is one of the main potential flashpoint in a multi-racial/multi-ethnic/multi-religious country like Singapore. The Government takes that VERY serious and try to ensure harmony through dialogue:

It is a good idea. You should try it.


It might surprise you but there have been many Cities and States that have had “meetings” such as they are talking about but unfortunately, it always seems as though one religion or another wants things their way or they don’t want to talk.

Also to add, It’s easy to have meetings with the “leaders” but unless the masses go along with whatever is decided nothing will change.


just missd that, I was in the queue but made it onto the shuttle just before it.


The new Tuas Mega Container Port is progressing. Here is how:


Driverless vehicles will carry containers around the new Tuas Mega Port:


From Fairplay today:


Contract for the Tuas Mega Port - Phase II has already been awarded:

To be ready by 2027


A Ship management company going the other way.
Singapore based Union Marine setting up office in Oslo:


MPA is big on digitalization:


Singapore is the world’s primary shipping hub, but how can it stay on top of it’s game?:


Can’t find a job in the Maritime sector??
Maybe a move to Singapore would be a thing for you??:


Singapore port throughput is growing:

And it’s position as the largest bunkering port in the world is consolidating:


If I was at school I might be skipping that career as well if I read the newspaper, one day they say they are creating jobs in the port and the next consolidating 3 ports into 1 new 4th port and automating as much as possible?
At a guess I would say the head count has been continually going down since Maersk and Evergreen left for Tanjung Pelepas ( although they are slowly creeping back…)
How could you tell your kids that had good career prospects?


The manpower crunch is in the wider shipping fraternity, not necessarily in PSA’s port operations.

One of the problems, seen from a professional Mariner’s point of view is that there are too little actual maritime experience, even in the Operation department in many shipping companies.

In the Offshore related business you have the additional problem that even the Mariners working there have their experience from tankers and container ships and know very little about the working of the vessels they are managing.

The problem is recognized in many companies, but they have problem recruiting the right people to fill the jobs available. Companies run solely by accountants and finance people doesn’t even know they have a problem.


all true
I found generally the office wont pay the same so vessel crew wont move to the office.
Can you imagine the problems in the offshore industry had/has when nobody in the office knows what DP is.
That problem hasn’t gone away, its still the blind leading the blind.