Since I've been home I've been shopping for a jeep....... what a headache

These are high as hell. And condition is all over the place. Looked at a 79 CJ7 looked good till I found out the price…12,000… yikes. I just wanted something to hunt and fish and drag grand youngans and dogs to the river/beach. Wife wants one with AC… Still looking…

Hey Rebel, I have gone with ford most of the time, but also spent a few years with the dodge pwr wagon. had an old willys station wagon in high school a hundred years ago but the reason I am chiming in is this.
In the mid '90’s I ended up in Hawaii for a couple years working for Hawaiian Tug & Barge, and I had the wife and kids along (4 sons) well we found an Isuzu trooper, kind of a station wagon type rig, 4 wheeldrive, with a little 4 cylinder eng. Man that was a good little rig. We drove all over the hills and all over the beaches. It’s lite weight like a jeep. It’s not all American built in usa but at that time it served us well. Just saying likely cheaper than a Jeep and you can load her with kids and go anywhere.

Man, I second the Trooper. Rear door is kind of weird.75/25. I think is has the best of Jeep, with the reliability of Japan. I bought one new in 1992. Still wish I had it.

Grab yourself a TJ. Just make sure you grab one with a 4.0L I6 and a DANA 44 rear axle. Should fetch under $10,000.

I’m with ya Rebel. Had an 81 CJ7 back in the early/mid 90s, wish I never got rid of it. Been lookin for a while now for another used but good CJ or early Wrangler, but like you said they are either trash or wicked expensive. These other guys are good to offer advice on the Isuzu, but they just don’t compare. Good luck

Thanks Guys. Funny i used to have a two door trooper 4x4 it was a beat up mess but it worked great. Just wanted a jeep to play in. Been looking at 90’s era Jeep wranglers. found a few but the prices! Trying to balance condition vs price.

Got one! 1990 YJ Wrangler - 2.5L 4 banger FI. Square headlight.Works great. No leaks, a little rust. Even has AC ;~) Took it out to the hunting area(WMA Perdido) and ran it through the wringer. Went down to the river too. After two hours of dickering $3,650.00 out the door.

Now I just need a pintle mount for the .30

Nice one Rebel. Brings a tear to me one good eye. $3650 well spent

My favorite has always been the CJ-8. I had one, miss it terribly. They were a limted production model from the first half of the 80’s. Basically a long bed CJ.