Short Stint on a tank ship to get my DL

Need a month or two on a tank ship with two transfers to get my DL - NMC recency requirement.
Any help with a company that may be willing.


You need more than 2 transfers, you also need 90 days on a tank ship in the previous five years. But, you can also renew by re-taking the tanker course, no transfers or tanker time needed. See 46 CFR 13.120(a).


Tks Mr. Cavo.

I was going by the NMC REINSTATEMENT checklist

Applicants for renewal of Tankerman endorsements expired beyond
the administrative grace may use the expired MMC as meeting the
original sea service and transfer requirements with the exception of
• Tankerman PIC (DL) or (LG) within 5 years:
23 days as rating, deck or engineer officer on tank ships or
self-propelled tank vessel certified to carry DL or LG as
appropriate, AND
• Two transfers to include commencement of loading and
completion of discharge.

Looks like I need to do 23 days and two transfers and the course.
Course done and over with.
Would night work be acceptable for sea service on a tank ship with ops in port?

Hello Mr. Cavo, Just wondering if the sea time requirement is accurate to refresh an expired tankerman endorsement…
Do you really have to sail and get seatime on a tank ship?

Has anyone else been in this situation?


Unless you received a discharge or some sort of sea service letter the likely answer is No.