PIC Requirements

Morning folks! Trying to avoid a nmc headache with this. I have all my loads and discharges for my PIC barge, but I see it says It requires Sea service, but the guy who signed me off said you just need the loads and discharges. So if anyone can shine some light on it would love the help.

You need 60 days of time on a tank barge or def
Propelled tanker for your barge pic and 90 days for tankship pic. The NMC checklist will be your best guide.

You need service but it can be by shore-side personnel when it is tankerman PIC Barge.

46 CFR 13.303(a):

"(a) Each applicant must present evidence of—

(1) At least 60 days of service, whether by shore-based or by vessel-based personnel, on one or more tank vessels certified to carry DL or LG appropriate to the endorsement applied for; or
(2) At least 6 months of closely related service directly involved with tank barges appropriate to the endorsement applied for;" ….

See 46 CFR 13.301 et seq. You need transfers, sea service, and firefighting and tankerman courses.

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