Shipyard news


She looks top heavy.


Have you seen any large Cruise ships lately??:

About the same draft.


Looks like a lot more beam, but I take your point.


More beam, but also a lot more length. (293.2 m. × 42.3 m. Max draft 8.3 m.)
The B 801 is shallower (6.5 m.) but relatively wide (121 m. x 24 m.)
It is L/B factor that counts. (0.144 vs 0.198)


More contracts for Havyards:
How can they do it with the high cost of labour in Norway??


New and innovative stabilisers to be fitted on KIR’s new pride and joy:


Keppel O&M more heavily into LNG throughout their yards around the world:
That would include their American yard, Keppel AMFELS in Brownsville Tx. I assume.


Who contracted the two vessels mentioned above has now been revealed: