Shipyard news


Optimism in the bulker market leads to new orders for newcastlemax vessels:


American Eagle Tankers (AET) is expanding their Shuttle tanker activity with two more DP2 tankers:


Singapore Navy launches 7th LMV (eqv. to LCS):

Nice name, me think.

BTW; ST Engineering is also the owner of VT Halter Marine.


Ulstein is introducing their new trawler design series with X-Bow for comfort, safety and sea-keeping:

Onboard processing and full utilisation of the catch is part of the design.


The hull of the new Krill trawler for Aker Biomarine left from VARD Tulcea two weeks ago under tow to Norway for final outfitting:

Arrived at Brattvaag shipyard yesterday:

Another Krill trawler is in the final planning stages for a different company:

This one will have six wind mills, solar panels and battery pack installed.

A third company is in an earlier stage of planning another new Krill trawler, but depending on who gets two krill concessions in the CAMLAR zone.that has been announce by the Norwegian Government.


That first one would look better with even the slightest bit of sheer. Looks a bit now as though they just sawed it off when they got to the end.


Modern ships of all kinds are built for efficiency and practicality, not beauty.
That goes for fishing vessels also, although some of them still retain a bit of style from the old days.
Here is a couple of Seiner/Trawlers of fairly new construction:

Even modern Cruise ships looks like apartment blocks on the water. (This is one of the better ones):

PS> At least she doesn’t have an amusement park on the top deck like some of them.


Ooh, I like them!

As to that P&O abomination – how have the mighty fallen…

Amusement parks? Oi vey iz mir.


I must admit that not ALL new Norwegian fishing vessels are as nice looking as those two.
Here is an example:

It MAY look a little better from this angle:

But it does catches fish and make money for the Owner and crew.


Awwww…pocket vessels probably have to be grotesque in some way. I’d call that ugly-cute. I like ugly-cute.


RRM sell equipment for an offshore fish farm that is under construction at Yantai:


The next Wind farm support vessel from Ulstein will have a heave compensated gangway that can also be used as crane for light lifts:


I’m reminded that I think those Ulstein designs aren’t bad-looking once you get used to them.


Another sign of market improvement is that even newbuilding is starting up again:
But it is limited to the high-end and specialised market segments. It will still be a while before contracts for newbuilding of simple OSVs or even AHTs is likely.


RRM divisions MTU and KaMeWa to supply propulsion for two new fast ferries being built for Fred Olsen S.A. Spain:


A company registered in Singapore has ordered a Jackup of a new type from CIMC Yentai.
It will be purpose built for the decommissioning market in the North Sea and be able to plug the wells, lift off topsides and remove jackets from the same unit:

OIM Pte. Ltd. is a JV between Chinese and Norwegian interests:

PS> Specs for the unit can be found at this website:
I just wonder how they are able to support a 2000 m.t. SWL crane basically on one leg of the unit?
That will take a very hard bottom without faults and very big pre-load capacity to verify.


First LNG powered bulker has been delivered from Jinling Shipyard to her Finnish owners:


And Maersk Tankers go for wind power:


Dalian Shipyard and DNV-GL to develop the first Mega Container ship (ULCS) to be powered by LNG:

23000 TEUs are a hell of a lot of boxes on one keel


VARD finally managed to sell the problem ship that has dragged down their results for several years:

Unknown buyer. Anybody have any inside info??

PS> She is still sitting at the same spot on the yard though:

She has not been out on sea trials recently as far as I have noticed.
I took a picture of here on trials in Febr.: