Shipyard news


TechnipFMC and DOF has taken delivery of a new pipelayer for the Brazilian market:

PS> 8 year fixed charter in today’s market is rear.


Didn’t DOF just cut a little over half the office / engineering staff?


Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT) has ordered four new HLV from China:

This time fitted with 3000 MT cranes, so not only for transportation.
Not sure if these will be replacement for the present fleet of HLV converted from tankers that is getting old (31 yrs)
(With 2020 looming that would make good sense)


Are you referring to DOF Subsea USA??
As far as I know they are hiring again in Norway, Scotland, Brasil, Singapore and Australia.
Getting new contracts all over the place:


[quote=“ombugge, post:85, topic:46283”]
As far as I know they are hiring again in Norway, Scotland, Brasil, Singapore and Australia.
Getting new contracts all over the place
[/quote]and some laying off like Heerema Marine


Heerema Marine is laying off people because they are getting out of pipe laying:

But they are getting full speed into the decommissioning segment and continuing as a leader in offshore heavy lifting. Their new SSCV Sleipnir will soon be delivered from Sembcorp Yard in Singapore:


I was told numbers quite a bit more believe whatever you like.


I believe in facts, not everything I’m told.
Have you got anything more concrete about Heerema Marine layoffs??


The first Expedition Cruise ship for Ponant has been delivered from Vard and will be leaving for Iceland today:

​​​​​​​More to follow in the not too far future.


Another Factory trawler ready from Myklebust/Kleven leaving for the fishing grounds:

This one for a British company.

A few months ago a Factory Trawler built by the same yard for French owners headed north to commence her fishing carrera in the Barents Sea. Seen here on sea trails:

They have also delivered two Trawlers of similar RRM design to a German company, seen simultanuously in Aalesund after delivery:

One more for Spanish interests has also been delivered, but I didn’t get any pictures of that one:

All the above fishing vessels are of the same NVC 374 WP design from RRM:

The Kirkella is still in Aalesund getting supplies as of now 2300 hrs. 28. June:

PS> That is as dark as it gets, even on a cloudy night.


The first Ulstein X-bow yacht has been pulled out of dock:


Havyard has designated to design the new ships to be construction for Royal Arctic Lines, for the coastal trade in Greenland:

The ships will be built in Spain, but with a lot of Norwegian equipment, thus eligible for GIEK financing.

With the renewed interest in the arctic from many quarters they are expecting to get more such assignments in the future. Canada or US next??


The hull for RRS Sir David Attenborough was launched today:

Video of the launch:

I noticed a lot of structures welded on for the launch and a lot of debris floating in the water after she came afloat. (Quite a job to collect that, I assume)

In Asia launching is mostly done using Air Bags, which leaves a lot less debris, both on shore and in the water. In most cases no extra supports are needed either:


Icebreaking vessels often require supports due to smaller flat bottom footprint and heavier weight. However, most are built in graving docks.


A different kind of shipyard from the ultra-efficient modern yards in other parts of the world:


Hyundai Mipo is securing more orders for chemical/product tankers:

This is the same size as the tankers being built at Philly yard for the Jones Act market. Are they the same design as well??


Likey very similar since Philly Shipyard partnered with Hyundai Mipo for its ship designs, equipment and engineering. Much like NASSCO does with DSME.


Two new ferries for Norled to be built and completed at Romantow Shipyard in Poland:

​​​​​​​Note the “humped” car deck, which is a new feature. Here is an explanation:


It is official; VARD will be taken off Singapore Stock Exchange soon:

At the same time it has been confirmed tat VARD will design and build two Cruise ships for Viking Cruises:


Grimaldi to build 9 hybrid RoRo ships in China with Kongsberg equipment:

This list of equipment is before acquiring RRM.