Shipyard news


Vard Electro has developed a battery bank solution that can be installed in existing or newbuilt vessels in the offshore industry:


Keel laying ceremony held in Poland for the world’s largest hybride ferry (yet):

She’ll be in service between Sandefjord and Stromstad middle of next year


9 of the Hurtigruten ships to be converted to hybrid propulsion:


Things are looking up for Vard:


Prysmian’s cable-laying barge visited Finland during the winter, and they made quite a nice video out of it:


Expedition Cruise is a “hot item” in the market.
Sunstone Cruises accelerate delivery of their first new ship:,aggressive-delivery-schedule-for-sunstone-ships-newbuilds-on-back-of-accelerated-demand_51589.htm
A US company but with their ships being built in China they will not be US flagged, or maybe not even cruising in US waters. (The first being on long term charter to an Australian company)


Fincantieri is finally able to take VARD private:

That means it will now be a wholly owned subsidiary, but still with the management here in Aalesund, Norway.


Garibaldi order Hybride RoRos from Chinese yard:


Yet another icebreaking offshore vessel nearing completion…


Daman deliver 8 tugs and other equipment for use in the Russian Far East:

The tugs are specially designed for shallow draft operation and will be used to handle transport of heavy project cargo along the Amur and Zeya Rivers.


The Law of Unintended Consequences…


As a Norwegian owned yard in the US is suffering shortage of orders in the Jones Act market, yards in Norway are getting back to work and competitiveness on the world market:


The Italians wants to help building the new US Navy fleet:


Fincantieri has been saturating the Washington, DC all news radio station with ads making this pitch featuring a retired Admiral. I suppose the expectation for this marketing strategy is that the listeners will contact their Congress members to advocate for using Fincantieri. If this is the intent, make your own conclusions about the process of procuring ssets for the military.


Sembcorp Marine take over majority in Sevan Marine:


It works for selling prescription drugs and bribing congressional swine.


RRM has got it’s biggest contract for a fishing vessel ever. And it is for a vessel to be constructed in USA for a US Owner no less:

PS> I hope they are not ordering any bent plates from a foreign source.


Wow, and picked a terrible shipyard to build it.


The troubled Norwegian shipyard Kleven has go new owners:


Another Polar Expedition ship has been ordered:

The design is by LMG Marine, Bergen:
The company is owned by Sembcorp Marine, Singapore.