Shipyard news


With the building boom for Expedition Cruise ships with Polar Class, Viking is ready to supply safety equipment to meet the requirements:


Hurtigruten is cancelling this years cruises with Roald Amundsen:


Havyard has signed contracts to design 7 battery powered ferries for Fjord1. \5 of the ferries will be built at their own yard in Leirvik, Norway:


VARD has got a contract for two more cruise ships for Pontan:


This is what it’ll look like:


Another monster ship (x2) in the making:

Imagine a situation where evacuation at sea should be necessary.
The requirement is to be able to fully evacuate in 30 min. With 9500 Pax + Crew that would be a mammoth, if not impossible, undertaking, even in good weather.

Luckily she is not heading to the Arctic. That would be an impossible task, even for Norwegian and Russian SAR combined:


China has reached top spot as a Shipbuilding Nation and still expanding her capabilities, building more and more complex vessels:


It’s funny how some companies still insist on advertising their small low ice class cruise ships as “polar expedition ships”. Ponant may have raised the bar a bit…

Xue Long 2 is of course pretty, but that’s because it was designed by Finns.


Spoken like a true Finn.


One more example of an expedition vessel being described as “Polar”.


The article said the ship will be designed to have a Polar Class 5 Rating meaning year-round operation in medium first-year ice which may include old ice inclusions.


Just about “everybody” is busy building Icebreakers, or at least vessels with Polar Class of some sort:

Tupsis will probably tell us that the new Australian Antarctic research and re-supply ship was designed by Finns as well.
Was it??


Well, the Chinese claim it’s “domestically designed” so I have to correct that misconception whenever someone brings it up…

As for Lindblad, I found their comment “A Polar Class 5 rating gives us the ability to operate the ship freely at any time of year in polar environments vastly expanding our polar range. This means we can explore deeper into the pack ice, or further north to the unexplored reaches of the arctic.” a little bit amusing after reading about Ponant ordering a cruise ship capable of breaking more than eigth feet of ice. That’s like comparing a lightly-armored Mercedes-Benz sedan to a main battle tank…

Nope. RSV Nuyina was designed by Knud E. Hansen from Denmark.


The British are also working on their PC 5 ice class research ship, the one they wanted to name Boaty McBoatface, and Chile has one under construction as well. The rest are being built by Russians who are both expanding their fleet (to support new developments in the Arctic) as well as replacing old nuclear-powered vessels with new ones on one-to-one ratio.

edit: Here’s a little bit better rendering of the new Chinese vessel:


Not sure if this is shipyard news, space news or just plain news, but here goes:


US shipyard is seeking funds to expand:


UK shipyard wins contract to build two 37.5 m. fast ferries for a Mexican company:


Greenland’s Royal Arctic Lines to build two new container ships at Zamakona Yard in Spain.
They will be of Havyard design and replace older vessels in the fleet:


The SOV Acta Auriga was delivered from Ulstein Shipyard yesterday, three days ahead of schedule:


A new Laker has been delivered from Croatia and is now in service on the Great Lakes:

More new tonnage on order by Algoma.


American Ethane Co. and CLNG to build VLEGCs to transport ethane from US to China on a 20-year contract:

I don’t see anything about the number of vessels involved.