Shipyard news


Things are moving again at HHI with an order for a Floating Production Unit (FPU) for LLOG Exploration:

It will be deployed in the GoM in 2021.


SunStone has ordered second expedition cruise ship with Ulstein X-bow and packed full of Norwegian equipment supplied by Ulstein to be built in China. (2 down, 8 to go??):
Will it also be packet full of spy chips so the Chinese can know where it is at all times and disable it if they want to??


I hope those sliding balcony doors on the main deck are splashtight…


Chinese yards are entering into a new business; building Cruise ships:


And just how many votes do you think that would buy compared to keeping swamp yards doing busy work? The local congress critter needs material for campaign speeches and government contracts always pump up the rubes.


You are an old cynic. Of course there are no such considerations being taken when allotting Navy contracts.
Are you implying that some Congress critters are less than honest upstanding people, with their constituents interest uppermost in their mind??


Damen building to stock, cheaper by the dozen:


Sembcorp in Singapore to build 3 plug-in electric ferries for Norled in Norway as part of their 13 ferry program:

A total of 70 such ferries are expected to be in service in Norway by 2021.


Who gets to tell Vlad???


I think any damage to Kuznetsov is nothing compared to losing the only Russian floating dock on this side of the Urals capable of lifting her from the water.

There’s almost 200 ft of water there. I doubt they’ll ever manage to salvage a 200,000+ ton dry dock from that depth.


Looks like it is well and truly sunk:


French and Italian shipbuilders cooperate to innovate and develop European shipbuilding for the future:


Anybody who want to be in the big league in marine equipment supply has to be in China and with the right partner(s). MacGregor/Cargotec is definitely intending to be there:


Still a lot of 2018 built ships left to be delivered:

Offshore vessels lead the pack.


China is gearing up to take on the Cruise industry:


Norwegian yards are going full speed ahead with building of Expedition Cruise ships for Norwegian and foreign owners and electric powered ferries for the Norwegian market:


Damen nominated for their latest tug:


A peculiar Russian government way of saying it sank. I wonder if the yard manager was liquidated.


Floating docks are a problem. We conduct surveys on them in the water and if my memory serves me right dock them in a graving dock every thirty years. I know of 3 that have sunk on their way to a graving dock.
The company I worked for in the early 70’s had one vessel in a floating dock in Spain. The dock broke adrift in a storm and the crew had wild ride across the harbour furiously replacing ship side valves before the dock struck the breakwater and settled on the bottom.
One of the docks that later sunk under tow also sunk when my own vessel was undocking. The first we knew that things were not quite right was when all the lights went out on the dock.


Nyet sunk. Ze pipple’s dock becombe submerged as part of beeger plon. Sunk is fek noose.