Shipyard news

Not all shipyards get to take part in the bonanza:

One more cable layer order for VARD:

India is expanding it’s shipyard capacity as the PM announced earlier:

Order today, get your ship delivered already next year, is that possible?
Apparently it is, in Taiwan:

Will that apply to both containers, breakbulk, bulk commodities, Crude oil, LNG and petroleum products being imported or exported?
In that case means that shipping companies have to add a “surcharge” in some form on every shipment to/from US ports on Chinese built ships to cover the extra expense imposed,
Adding to cost for US consumers may also affect US inflation, thus more problems for Biden in an election year.

Since more and more of the ships trading worldwide are built in China, this will affect not just China but other countries as well. Another WTO complain against US for unfair unilateral actions coming up?

Italian yards are still able to compete for some types of ship building:

PS> Mostly Super yachts :

And Cruise ships:

PS> Her full name is Cathrine Kristiseter Marti according to local media reports.

Traditional drydock from early last century still in use for maintenance docking and repair work.

The Tees facility - which is the former Smiths Dock site - has seen shipbuilding activity since the early 1900s with hundreds of vessels turned out there, including warships and bulk carriers, until its closure in 1987. The £100m turnover A&P took over the location in 2003 following the collapse of Cammell Laird. It includes two dry docks and 240m of jetty frontage, along with workshop space, cranes up to 40 tonnes and secure tank washing facilities.

Greek revival:

Shipbuilding made easy:

Ever wondered how NW European shipbuilders manage to compete for large Cruse ships contracts?
Here may be one of the answers:

Within the Meyer Shipyard Group the Rostock yard contributes the engine room sections for the large cruise ships built at Papenburg and Turku. When ready they are towed to the assembly yard, and they are remarkable sights. April 12th saw the Kiel Canal passage of the engine room section for DISNEY DESTINY, the third unit of the Triton Class following DISNEY WISH (2022) and DISNEY TREASURE (under construction). The width of 40m requires an extra permission for the Canal passage as the regular width is limited to 32,2m. The careful towage was managed by Boluda’s VB BREMERHAVEN with VB INNOVATION assisting at the stern.
Photo & text: Martin Lochte-Holtgreven