Shipyard news

Bureau Veritas | Marine & Offshore is glad to welcome three state-of-art aero passengerships into the BV fleet. Delivered by Brødrene Aa to Attica Group, these new Aeros boast an ultra-modern design and innovative features that will significantly upgrade the travel experience for the over 3 million passengers traveling annually on the Saronic routes

Aero 3 has been delivered:

The Navajo Class is based on the Wartsila VS 4612 Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel design:

The modifications made are shown on pages 11 & 12

Keppel Offshore & Marine negotiating for P-80 floater and an option vessel with Brazilian giant Petrobras:ҫa-navegaҫao-e-logisticas-atbs/

Nothing said about the feeder service they will serve, or how many barges will be paired with these two tug. (??)

China shipbuilding output declines 8.9% in first eight months of 2022:

But China is still the top shipbuilding nation in the world:

What do you barge operators do when you goin through a frozen rivers an get stuck I have a way to get right on though so you can get to the company you need to unload or load at if any of you ship builders are interested hit me back on my phone 309-857-9153 for some information on this

Norwegian shipyards are struggling to compete with yards in lower cost countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia,
Here is a project that MAY save the yards from closing:

Based on the Vanguard design from Kongsberg that was first introduced in 2019:

Looks ideal for a coastguard but not a navy. It is never a good idea to fight in your own backyard. If someone picks a fight with you it is better to fight in theirs.
A frigate is the smallest warship that can sustain combat readiness for a year at sea using underway replenishment.
Remember your patrol boat. A year at sea on one of those would be about 51 weeks too long.

Norway’s role is to be a trip wire so we can call in the big guns. Our defence needs to be affective agains everything to small for article 5. Bigger and we call on USA and let them lay waste to Northern Russia.

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