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I presume that USCG could do it this way than?:

Only strong and fit Ch.Eng. need apply!!


Hilarious photo! It would have been even better with a dog team pulling the tug!

Cook Inlet Tug & Barge’s STELLAR WIND is one of the ASD tugs that Carl Anderson had built in 1993 by Tri-Star Marine in Seattle to dock ships in Anchorage. She is powered by a pair of Cat 3512s.

Five years ago Anderson sold Cook Inlet Tug & Barge to Foss. Saltchuk owns Foss, TOTE, and Delta Western. Cook Inlet Tug & Barge docks the TOTE ships in Anchorage and tows the Delta Western fuel barges.

It’s interesting to notice that the USCG has a large office in Anchorage, but no vessels.


Helsinki shipyard floated out an Arctic tanker capable of breaking six-feet ice…

…and floated it back in again bow-first.


Another order for Zvezda

Could MARAD etc. learn from the Russians?


Upgrading in preparation for an upswing in Offshore activity is ongoing. Older vessels (<15 years) are getting new equipment installed to meet the requirements of the present and near future:,repair-and-conversion-upgrades-breathe-new-life-into-old-vessels_56424.htm


US Navy is a saviour for Croatian shipyard:


Viktor Lenac is a repair shipyard which is not the same thing as one that does new buildings. I spent time there 1990/91 and thought they did good steel work.


Some shipyards do only repairs, others only new building, many do both, but they are all shipyards.


Agreed they are all shipyards but the mentality between a newbuild yard and one that does repairs is completely different.


Yes no argument about that.
I expected comments being on US Navy ship doing major overhauls and upgrades at a foreign yard. Or does the restriction only apply to US merchant ships??


Croatia is a NATO member so with that in mind having a US Navy ship undergoing repairs there would not be unusual.