Shipyard news

Korean yards set to dominate shipbuilding after merger:

New factory long liners being built in Russia for domestic owners:

These are designed by Marin Teknikk:

Sembcorp Marine to shut Tg.Kling Yard 4 years ahead of schedule:

That is their main repair yard for very large vessels, but also involved in outfitting of FPSOs and Semisubs etc.

PS> Not the yard shown on the picture, which is Sembawang yard (Former British Naval Yard)

Keppel O&M has found a way to deliver the newbuilt J/U Cantarell IV to Grupo R, Mexico:

She will be loaded on the HLV Transshelf one of the nearest days for transport to Mexico.

PS> My last assignment before leaving Singapore was to plan and prepare for the loading of Cantarell 1 & 2 on a COSCO HLV. (Not completed due to their financial problems)

Steel cutting ceremony for a new cable layer for Nexan at the Crist hull building yard in Poland:’-cable-laying-vessel-Aurora.html
The outfitting will be at Ulstein yard in Norway.
Note: Design is by Skipsteknisk, not Ulstein Solutions.(No X-Bow)

The first of three Expedition Cruise ship for Hapag-Lloyd is scheduled to be delivered from Vard Langstein this April.
One novelty these ships will have is a Study Wall:

Royal Arctic Lines, has returned to Havyard for design of two more vessels for their Greenland coastal trade:

Ulstein design is now leading the pack for Expedition Cruise ships:

You may as well get used to the X-Bow feature, there will be many more of it to be seen on all types of vessels.

A new top modern Pelagic Seiner/Trawler has been delivered from Westcon to a Scottish Owner:

Note especially the bridge equipment, with large (55") LED touch screens to display anything and everything in, on, below or around the vessel.

The chairs are also a far cry from the the high wooden “Pilot chair” that was lashed in a corner so nobody should be tempted to sit down during their watch.

Another view from the bridge:

Trawl winch control position:

Big screens:

PS> Don’t know if touch screen is any real use in this case.

PPS> Hope they remember to look out the window once in a while.

The first of a new type of LNG/LEG Carriers have been named in China:

It is fitted with a new and innovative containment system called LNT A-BOX.
If you, like me, wondered what that means, here is the explanation:

Maersk order 10 new feeders in China:

Note that they will be classed by CCS nor LR that is normal for Maersk.

A new ATB has been delivered:

The barge is 403’ (122 m.) Loa built as a tanker for asphalt with a capacity of 80000 bbls. The tug has 4400 Bhp and crew quarters for 10 pers.

Crew quarters for 10 men, but how many crew will Vane actually put on her? 5 or 6 men?

A different kind of shipyard news; traditional boat building in Thailand:

And then 6 of the Ulstein designed Expedition Cruise boats for SunStone has been confirmed:
4 to go.

Can British shipbuilding be revived??:,merseyside-yard-plots-british-shipbuilding-revival_57656.htm