Ships sink in Texas boat parade for Trump

Ship ahoy!

In the video it is called low profile design or no freeboard…

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Ships sink?

“If I’m not going to wear a mask I’m damn sure not going to wear that lifejacket they kept throwing at me!”

Seriously? He wanted to go down with his motorboat, “too many” MAGA flags flying, and had to be rescued by force? My aching back.


This is a joke and the guy is mocking the type of boaters in the parade.
Brent Turhune, comedian:


All those flags flapping in the breeze could have a detrimental affect on the righting leaver :smirk:

I think the poor guy is still in shock, the Titanic syndrome has taken over. Confused and talking gibberish. I hope he comes to his senses.


Some know Brent Terhune as the loveable clean-comedy stand up from Indianapolis who works the road 45 weeks per year. Others only know him as “The Redneck Y’all Just Love to Hate” who’s always pissed off and raising an ’emotional support beer’ to his president (and still YOUR president) Donald J. Trump. Either way, Brent is taking Twitter by storm, one pair of Oakleys at a time from his backyard, the garage and the front seat of his 2020 Big Ass Truck.

Just named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch , Brent has accumulated over 55 million video views across social media with his satirical character. His not-so-obvious delivery can be described along the lines of a blue collar Colbert Report. If you aren’t paying attention to the rapid-fire tongue-in-cheek jokes or the subtle background changes in his videos, you may miss the satire completely.


That makes more sense.

Got me fooled…:wink:

I heard a group of 10,000 Antifa/BLM protestors all set up portable fans on the south side of the lake and caused a tidal wave to swamp out all these hard working Americans boats. Where is the outrage? The deep state hard at work!!


I heard that they used more natural means to create wind.
That had the added advantage that they got to “moon” the Trump supporters.

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15 bean soup is flying off the shelves. Dems want to boycott it. oh, the horror.

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I am trying to figure out how many Trump/MAGA flags they can get on one of them there Jon boats.

I feel sorry for the boats.

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My oldest daughter lives on Lake Travis. Her, being a Bernieite, didn’t participate in the parade. With all the wake boats there, I’m surprised the sunk numbers are so low.
Well the Trump supporters were there and the Biden supporters were blocking traffic, burning and looting…er getting reparations…

Nice to see the media is covering zealots on both ends of the political spectrum. Some stupids are willing to risk their lives & personal property participating in a silly maritime parade for Reality TV President Trump & others are risking their lives destroying public & private property fighting against the police for social justice? I really don’t mind owners of “M/V MAGAritavilles” losing their boats to bad weather but hope & pray that BLM & Antifa don’t turn the attention of their peaceful demonstrations to maritime commerce. So far, BLM & Antifa are batting a 1000 when it comes to disrupting commerce in things they want to “protest” against.

I believe he called it the “SS” Magaritaville, and the sinking was not due to bad weather.

The comedy writes itself. A lot of my conservative friends and neighbors are afraid the rioters are going to “come over the bridge”, but “we will defend ourselves”. Evidently there is now an imminent threat to suburbia.

Why would this spill over to maritime? Over the years, disruption to maritime commerce by protest has been minuscule. Labor unions get the occasional day in the news, some idiot rappels off a bridge and gets attention. I remember years back in RI someone thought it would be worth their time to anchor and block the channel leading to the coal powered plant. I’m sure there is more but it’s hardly a scratch considering the 24/7/365 of maritime commerce.

Looks like in some cases the “Law and Order” rhetoric is working, but there are also people saying it is over-caffeinated. It’s the latest shiny object. There is a strong man we can vote for, the only person who can save us, from a chaos of his own making.

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