Shipping bottleneck at Los Angles / Long Beach

Some on the ground reporting - or rather on the boat. Interesting thread.

An update from Petersen, city of LB had a limit on how high containers could be stacked. Don’t know the details.

Here it is - was limited to two boxes high.

This is in regards to a couple of the different threads on LA/ LB.
For trucks/trains the Cal EPA required retrofitting or retirement of diesel engines. The cost 5 years ago was $20,000+ per engine. Today if you see an 18-wheeler on the highways of the US you will see a California EPA sticker on them. All California ports required trucks to meet this requirement thus putting older trucks/older drivers out of business.
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Newer news.
Container shortage, Port of Oakland congestion to impact availability of holiday merchandise

So when do we start getting concerned about thermally unstable container/ISO cargo on these ships? Most of those have 30 or 60 day clocks from load to unload.

Currently 100+ ships at anchor off LA ports. Typical time at port is 2-3 days to load/offload containers. Even with 24/7 operations,they probably won’t be done until this time next year. Redirecting ships is not an option either as I understand. Where to go to, Mexico? Just stop sending ships.

It has come to this if this is true. Transport crisis.

But please don’t dump containers in neighborhoods like some people have been doing. Blocking driveways and emergency services. That has to stop.

While everybody is looking for somebody else to blame;

CMA CGM is offering incentive to consignees to pick up their import containers asap: