Ship with 14600 sheep capsize

‘The Queen Hind bound for Saudi Arabia overturned for yet unknown reasons shortly after leaving Romania’s Midia port.’


1. What do you call it when sheep head out to sea?

Crossing the baa!

2. How do you greet a sheep on Christmas?

Merry Christmas to ewe!

3. How to sheep say “Merry Christmas” in Mexico?

Fleece Navidad!

4. What do you call a dancing sheep?

A baa-lerina!

5. Where do sheep get their wool cut?

The baa-baa shop!

6. Why are sheep such bad drivers?

They always make illegal ewe turns!

7. What is a sheep’s ultimate goal?

To wool the world!

8. Why did the ewe skip the family reunion?

It was always the black sheep of the family!

9. What’s a sheep’s favorite singer?

Britney Shears!

10. Why are sheep bad sailors?

I don’t know, they just keep ramming into things!

11. Why was the lamb hiding from everyone?

It was feeling sheepish!

12. What do you call an old sheep?

Pasture prime!

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Distressed Submarine Depressurization System?

Dumb Sheep Dumb Sheep. The cause of the capsize should be obvious to any fool. One of the sheep went to the ship’s rail for a last look at the port and the rest of the sheep, being sheep, followed. The weight of so many sheep on one side of the ship exceeded its ability to right itself. In this instance, this stupid habit of blindly following each other was shear madness.


I suppose that this is a typical case of the fleece surface effect…


There’s something about sheep they’re not telling us. If they’re clad in wool, how come they don’t shrink when it rains?

…they secrete special grease that makes the fleece hydrophobic.

A sheperd told me: They are so silly, you just can eat them.

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:sweat_smile:[quote=“Lee_Shore, post:5, topic:53430”]
shear madness

I can’t imagine working on one of those ships. The stench in a downwind crossing situation is intense.

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How do you think the stench is now? That’s one cleanup I’m not volunteering for.

I expect after a month or two you’d quit smelling it.

Was this like a mail order bride shipment or what?

  • being serious for a second, if you ever can find a natural wool sweater that still has the oil it is amazing in damp weather. They are close to waterproof and wool stays warm when damp. Downside is you smell like a wet sheep.
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They should have tied them down with sheep shanks :crazy_face:

Why you say that? Was it going to New Zealand?


A comment to the article on this topic on Maritime Executive by Graham Bond:

“This ship was in Constanta Shipyard for structural modifications. I was there for 3 months as Superintendent for my company vessels dry docking and I watched in horror as around 400mt of concrete blocks were fitted into the lower hold and the ship failed the inclining experiment on numerous occasions. I mentioned to the shipyard there was no way this ship would last a year - I was almost right.”


I suspected already something like that. Floating coffin…

When I saw this I thought of the Al Kuwait which any one that trades in the ME has likely seen.


Turns out from google the old Al Kuwait did go over. The one in the photo is the “new” one.

On September 14, 1964, the freighter Al Kuwait carrying 6,000 sheep, sank to the bottom of Kuwait Harbor. This became a very immediate problem because as …

Exactly. I remember when I signed on the MAUNALEI at the sugar refinery in Crockett. . .man, the stench of the molasses and raw sugar permeated the ship, even when on the container run back to Hono. . . it wasn’t that the stink really ever completely went away. . . it just stopped being annoying. . . .