Livestock Carrier Missing off Japan

Looks like we just had another El Faro.

It is hard to believe, that Master missed typhoon on converging track with ship’s route, or disregarded typhoon as a threat. Maybe Master miscalculated typhoon trajectory, or maybe he hoped the ship will overtake it. Whatever were the reasons, the ship sailed straight into the typhoon.

Similar navigating or lack of.But a bit worse than El Faro. Both are horrible.

Really appalling.

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From Splash 24/7 today:

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There were two New Zealanders onboard to oversee the carriage of the livestock.

Second survivor found just a bit too late.

This particular case makes a strong argument for carrying a plb.

39 of the missing crew members from missing livestock carrier were from the Philippines:

A 2019 report by the Australian government on the cattle ship’s transit in June from Australia to Indonesia noted the vessel’s departure was delayed for a week because of “stability and navigation issues identified by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority”.

How does one calculate the free surface of cow shit?

Shit in our shit out. Same weight as the hay and water. Or whatever they feed them. Tragic, nonetheless.

Yea but when they eat the hay and shit it out, it (presumably) gets washed over? So now you have less weight than when you started, and your stability has changed…right?


Not gonna debate the metrics of cow shit with you. Captain and/or bridge crew put the crew and animals in harms way. It’s friggin sad any way you look at it.

It appears they had engine failure.
Start to look similar to the El Faro??

Looks like the vegans are pleased about it…


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The more dangerous free surface is the cows. A few heavy rolls stopped abeam a typhoon’s seas and the barriers of the pens might well not be up to it.


Other than the age of the ship, looks similar as far as bridge decisions and engine failure.

Yeah, fuck those cows for planning to give away their milk to humans, that’s sinful.

Some similarities, both sank in typhoons but looks like some significant differences.

The Gulf Livestock 1 is listed at 133,6 meters LOA, 8372 DWT, 18 kts. El Faro was 241 meters, 14971 DWT and 22 kts.

Tactically looks very different. Apparently the Gulf Livestock 1 was trying to cross ahead of TC Maysak. The TC might have intensified more than expected. In worsening seas the smaller ship may not have sufficient SOA to cross as planned.

By contrast the El Faro simply sailed into the eye wall because they were confused as to the location of the eye.

I have carried one for years. Relatively inexpensive considering what is at risk. No brainer no matter where you are.