Ship with 14600 sheep capsize

Fun Facts: Karl Kroyer, one of your countrymen successfully refloated the sheep ship Al Kuwait when it sank in Kuwait harbor threatening to contaminate the city’s water supply. He was unable to obtain a patent from the Dutch patent office for the method he used because it had already been used by none other than Donald Duck in a cartoon.

Was it as simple as needing more ballast? Maybe some lead would have been better than concrete.

Yeah I was waiting for that. I’ve got 4356 pages of sheep jokes but I don’t think they will add materially to the discussion. One of the flock is lined up for the spit for a pre Christmas BBQ.

I figured we’d hear from you. When I sailed on the SEDCO 472 in Western Australia those Aussies were merciless in their NZ sheep shagging jokes. Guess I was contaminated.

We are about to get fat-happy on turkey just now but never too early to plan Christmas dinner eh?

And none of this is germane to the thread either but at least it’s not about trump.

Take care down there.


ok, i read all this. getting the idea of the sheep jokes out of my head will be worse than getting rid of the smell.