Ship Management/Marine Propulsion Plants

I am at the Star Center finishing up two weeks of STCW courses for Chief Mate Upgrade. The course material for Ship Management was pretty good. There was also some role playing that was interesting. Quite a bit of helpful material and ideas. So far Marine propulsion plants has been a head bobber. I am finding it hard to stay awake. This will probably be my last trip to star center. You can only confirm classes 2 weeks prior to the class starting if you are a commercial mariner. So I tried to confirm 2 weeks prior and they told me I would have to wait until the next day, so i told them that they should change their site to say you can only confirm 13 days prior. So anyway, I did not get far with this pissing contest, but I was able to get into both classes. The rumor in the halls is they want to phase out commericial mariners completely from this school. Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy seems eager to pick up the slack. I spoke with MPT and they “SAY” this summer starting classes.

Role playing, and head bobbing…all while attending class on Dixie Highway in Dania, FL. Now there’s some news worthy information.

It would be interesting to hear more about the quality of presentation, and the facilities as time goes on there Capt. Lee.

Sounds good though…keep charging ahead…and sorry to hear about the tough night at the reservation…

"they want to phase out commericial mariners completely from this school."
What’s a commercial mariner?

El Capitan- The quality of the presentation and facility is all top shelf. There is only so much about an engine that can excite in me, though. Every class and every instructor I have had here at Star Center has been excellent. I just think these STCW upgrade classes are a joke and really do not fill any training requirement. PS How the hell do you know I had a rough night on the reservation?

tengineer- A commercial mariner is any mariner that is not part of AMO Union or RCCL (Royal Carribbean Cruies Lines). I decided to take my upgrade here because if you take all your classes here there is a significant discount. So I get two classes into it and the rules change to only allow me to get on a waiting list to confirm two weeks prior to a class starting. All union members are given the prefernece up to the last minute. I was called Friday for a class that starts Monday because a union member cancelled last minute. I just happened to be here and was able to fill the spot. There was also a no show in this class. I am sure there were people that could have been here.

"A commercial mariner is any mariner that is not part of AMO Union or RCCL (Royal Carribbean Cruies Lines)

Either AMO or RCCL ? Now that’s a pair ! RCCL wants to abolish the Jones Act and AMO is nearly a non-union “union”. I can see where they’d want to keep outside influence away from that love nest.

““PS How the hell do you know I had a rough night on the reservation?””

Well, now that would solve the mystery now, wouldn’t it? Beside’s those toothpicks in your eyelids last Friday morning didn’t really hurt, did they?

See you on the 5th…maybe…

Capt. Lee
Are you still planning on taking classes up here in VA in April? Which classes are you signed up for?


Doc- I am scheduled for ADV. Watchkeeping in May 12th-16th. I may or may not take the ADV Cargo Handling class for the two weeks after that. I am not sure yet if I am man enough to tackle three weeks at once quite yet. I will let you know. PS-Where is the closest casino to Virginia Beach.

M.A.M.A. - have heard good things from other guys going there. I’ve taken a few courses myself and, for the most part, the instructors have been good. Don’t fall for the line that the hotel is right next door, however. Take may advice and rent a car.<br><br>I have also heard reports from fellow mariners about MPT in Florida. They all say that they’re top-notch.

<P>I’ve had no problem getting into classes at MITAGS and I’m not in the MMP. I would be a “commercial mariner.”</P>