Sheerleg Heavy Lift Crane vessels

The ASIAN HERCULES III underway with heavy equipment in Singapore Straits.
Photo : Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora ©

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That’s an impressive 5000 ton crane.

There should be one of those big cranes on the East Coast and one on the West Coast, just in case they are needed in an emergency. The East Coast crane could be kept busy in the oil patch. The West Coast crane probably wouldn’t have much work. Subsidies would be required.

Could have come in handy for the Baltimore bridge clearance. (if she could get under the Bay Bridge)
Here she is prepared for Ocean Towage, with the A-frame down and secured:

PS> I can almost see Capt.Mahmoud on the bridge.

Block array on Asian Hercules III:

One of those 5000 ton cranes would be nice to have on the West Coast the next time an earthquake damages the San Francisco Bay Bridge again, or other critical infrastructure.