2 positions: Master and Mate, 500 ton Oceans, Towing Endorsement, Alaska

I just got a call from a buddy of mine. Campbell Maritime (based in Seattle)is looking for a relief Master for one vessel and a relief Mate for another to join their vessels immediately in Seward, transit to Nome, then to the Yukon.

Got to have:
500 ton, Oceans
Towing endorsement

Prefer to have:
Experience operating between Seward & Nome

Super nice to have:
Experience operating on the Yukon.

They are not hauling petroleum, but sorry, can’t remember if it is a gravel barge or general cargo. I don’t know how long the job is, but it sounded like it could turn into something more permanent than just relief. Sorry, also not sure of the day rate. (I’m just the messenger…)

Send your resume to Heather if you are interested. Put in the subject line: ‘gCaptain job’ and whether you are applying for the Master or Mate position.

And don’t piss Heather off. Aside from the fact that she’s a friend of mine, she’s good people, and a licensed mariner that got stuck with this recruitment task.

URGENT: They are also looking for an AB and Engineer. Call Kevin at (907) 351-3850 for details.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you happen to know what schedule the mates work? I am very interested in this, but it’s currently a long shot as I’m on a private yacht job in France right now. The timing may be off but you never know though! I have my master 1600 oceans and have been wanting to get back to my work/tugboat roots! :slight_smile:

I would guess it’s for the summer till Sept. Sometime being it’s seasonal work up in the rivers.

FYI there is no AB or engineer position apparently, emailed Campbell Maritime directly…

I’ve worked the Yukon from the Nenanna All the way down. It’s fun!! No navigation aids just topography maps. Turn east 40 degrees to such and such a heading at the big Rock pile. Tying up to trees on the river bank. Its an adventure!! I was pushing petroleum and freight for Yutana barge lines. I’ve never spent so much time running aground. Really it’s fun. You just nudge the barge up on the beach and keep it from getting stuck on the tides while the tankerman hauls the hose over the bow and pumps away. It’s like going back in time. Well the tides only come into play once you get out of the river. I loved it but hated the 6months on 6 off. I finished my hitch and never returned.