Selling old mooring tails in Suez

Good evening gentlemen. Any idea what I should ask Charlie Brown Jr. for 28 used 11 meter tails? Your advice and experience is appreciated. To tell the truth I’d give them to him for free just to be rid of them but I like haggling with these guys.

Charlie Brown wow that’s a name I haven’t heard in 20 years. Get some good fake Rolex’sl

Now it’s fake iPhone 5’s. We are calling them ChiPhones

I bet, with everything that has been going on in that country, that the Egyptian’s answer to Quentin McHale hasn’t missed a beat.

Well I didn’t make out too well. I only got 300 bucks for the tails but Port Suez was closed as we passed and we needed to get an Engineer off the ship. The only ride we could secure for him was with Charlie Brown, so he had me over a barrel. At least we didn’t have to pay to dispose of the tails like last time.

The Marlboro Canal and Charlie Brown. He is as famous as Fong in Kaohsiung god rest his beedlenut chewing, red light running soul. Just another of the worlds cast of characters. We used to deal with an “Irish” Egyptian agent in Alexandria called Mahoney. The launch would come out to the Waterman ships with some guy yelling Mahoney, Mahoney, Mahoney over channel 16 on the radio.

What the fuck is a “mooring tail”?

I’ve heard of getting some tail but know not of these things you speak of

It’s tough for Charlie Brown to make a living these days with ISPS a lot of ships won’t allow him on. Charlie will have a figure in mind. Just double it and start from their. You can also sell them to the bum boats who come alongside you in the anchorage when your north bound. Good luck. I do not miss the ditch.

The Mahoney man would buy all.