Security Clearance Hobbling Career

I was just getting into government contracting a year and a half ago. a company offered me the training and security clearance for it and I unwittingly accepted. I have had multiple companies offer me government contracts since then and I have been unable receive them because I neither have a security clearance, nor do not have one, because I am in consideration for one. Because I have been unable to receive a CAC due to the pending security clearance it has been difficult to find work. I have no criminal record or foreign contacts, yet there is no end in sight to the security clearance adjudication. has this been a common pit fall for other ConMars? is there a way out of this cycle of ineligibility?

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Its a few grand and at the very least a few months to get a clearance, right? Or does it take longer these days?

An employer is charging you to issue you a security clearance? By the way, what the hell does unwittingly accepted even mean?


I’ve heard of CIVMAR’s. What’s a conmar?

Contracted mariner manning MSC ship.

Because of the multiple options concerning the ultimate use of the JHSVs (theater security cooperation/direct logistics war fighter support), I’ve determined that the best course of action is to institute a pilot program in which the first two vessels would be crewed with MSC CIVMARs, and the final three ships (of the five planned under the current contract) would be crewed by CONMARs through a competitively awarded contract to a commercial operator.

As you know, we presently use both crewing models very successfully. The determination whether to use CIVMARs or CONMARs has historically depended on the nature of the mission of the ships, the operational construct, evaluation of any specialized training required, cost and related factors.

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You must have filled out the eqip (sp?) on line, the next step is an interview where every question is verified. Contact the employer and ask them to set one up for you, preferable for it to be done locally.

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How long have you been waiting for an interview with an investigator? Inquire with the contractor security department. I’m pretty sure an interim clearance can be issued with a simple credit/NACLC check. It takes months (12-18) for a final adjudication.

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As stated an interim can be issued in 30 days. Secret is running 8-12 mos from eqip with no major issues.
You may or may not get a phone interview and I’ve never heard if an employer charging their employees to cover the cost of the process.

How do mariners even start to fill out a clearance application, just listing the exact dates of foreign travel for however long seems impossible.

The forms have an “estimate” box if you absolutely can’t find the exact dates. A lot of the background dates only go back 5 years which makes it easier & then you use your seatime letters, discharges & passport to get the dates that you can. It is easier than you think.

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My interview with MSC took less than 5 minutes. Eight years later for clearance to work for a contractor an investigator was sent to FLA from out of state to go over my eqip answers. We met at the local library. When we approached the reference desk, before I could ask my local librarian for a room, the investigator pulled out a badge and flashed it at her. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time to see the look on the librarian’s face.


Disregard, different job, different clearance.

I thought so too. I figured you were talking about the mafia.

Not far off. The neighbors worried the guy in the car watching the house was a mafia hit man waiting to gun me down. I thought about it after posting and remembered that the interview was for a job with Treasury.
It also jogged my memory about something that happened while on an MSC ship. An investigator flew to the ship and took the third mate away with him on the chopper. It turns out the mate had neglected to mention he’d been busted for weed as a teenager and was found out after he’d been granted a provisional clearance. At least that’s how he explained it as he was leaving. It seemed like overkill to me so it may have been something else he didn’t want revealed.

It takes anywhere from 9 to 18 months to get cleared these days due to the backlog and now with COVID19… +20-50%