SEACORE renew their PSV fleet

Seacore has taken over full control of SeaCosco’s fleet of newly built PSVs:
One of the UT 771WP design PSVs:

4 of these newer boats working in Guyana now. exxon seems to like them much more than the orange boats for some reasons… they do use the battery power as soon as they are steaming any real length of time which cuts down on fuel use big time, thats what i heard… they are all about our fuel consumption down here, and saftey of course…

Don’t see ANY Seacor boats in Fourchon anymore. Not even crewboats that I can recall.

It has always been about efficiency and economy.
Lately it has also been more and more about safety, fuel efficieny and emission.

Even if the cost of fuel is now lower, low fuel consumption = low emission and that count for a lot in some quarters.

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nope. they all went overseas. the Fearless is the only workboat still on contract in the GOM. 1 crewboat sitting behind the office in Morgan City, and heard they are coming down here to Guyana at some point in the future.

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