Seacor and COSCO join forces

Seacor Inc. and COSCO has gone together to operate 8 new state of the art PSVs stranded at COSCOs yard in China.
The vessels are 6 x UT 771 WP and two are UT 771CD design, all with diesel electric propulsion:

One of them has ended up in some controversy in UK over crew wages:

Here is the Seacosco Yangtze arriving in Great Yarmouth last year:


Seacor bought the Cosco boats in 2018. Old news.

Seacor formed a J/V with COSCO that took 8 boats contracted by others at one of COSCO’s shipyard. The J/V is called Seacosco and still own the boats, but Seacor has management.
That is old news. The new news was about the “slave labour” accusations in UK.

BTW; Seacor has purchased three more UT 771 boats from COSCO yards, which has not yet been completed.
Those will come with battery packs and are not part of the J/V: