Sea time letter

How do i get a sea time letter from a company that closed down?

Several threads on this forum about Sea time letters with lots of info, that might help you? Have you searched the forum? You can search the forum with the filters also using the drop-down. I see your read time activity at this point is only 5 minutes?

You should have been getting them as you went on hitches and keeping them organized and you would not be in this situation. Nobody will keep track of your paperwork except for you.

How many days are you talking about? Good luck with solving the problem.

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Can you get in touch with any of the Captains you sailed with?If so they can write you a letter.

But yes going forward get your paperwork and keep it in a safe file

You need to research this one hard.
If the boats you worked on were under 200 grt i think you can use a small service form and like davidmt said get an old capt to fill it out and get it notarized.
If the boats were over 200 grt, no idea.