NMC lost my seatime letters

I have received an email from someone at NMC stating that another mariner’s sea time documentation was found in my file and they do not have mine despite a legacy search.

They are asking me to go out and get new sea time letters from past employers.

I have my license in my hand and I am presently sailing on it.

As this mistake is clearly on the part of the NMC, I do not want to start calling former employers and wasting everyone’s time, especially my own. It was hard enough to get the letters the first time around.

Has anyone ever encountered this? Can they revoke my credential? Can they refuse a raise in grade?

Any comments or advice appreciated.

While I can’t speak to NMC policy with regards to your issue, I would offer the advice that in the future, NEVER send original sea service letters to the NMC. Or originals of anything for that matter, unless specifically required, and even then keep copies of everything just in case something gets lost.

Just out of curiosity, you said you already have license in hand. So is your sea time missing from a pending application, or the one that was already issued? Simply speculation, but I’d assume that any issued credential wouldn’t be revoked, and you’d need new sea time on your current credential anyway so old service shouldn’t matter.

The NMC evaluated another mariner’s sea time in order to issue the license I presently hold. New seatime in my present capacity is only part of the equation for a raise in grade or increase in scope.

Well thats definitely some tuff luck. As much as it sucks to hassle old employers, it might be quicker and less painfull than fighting the NMC. As pointed out on another thread, they are fairly quick when your issue is straightforward, and slow as molasses when it isn’t. Good luck!

It happened to me. I had to resubmit paperwork that I had submitted five years earlier for my first license.

Just for next time, scan everything and send it by email.
Fast, secure and if they loose something you just forward the message.

I understand that you feel uncomfortable about asking your former employers for copies of discharge letters, but be courteous, and do it anyway. They see such requests more than you think. Then when you get them, make lots of copies, and even keep electronic copies on a remote server like Google or Amazon Cloud or some such.

I kept photocopies of my Navy records from the 80’s and early 90’s, and that helped me out immensely when I sent my application for an original credential to the NMC. I had 30 year old records that I could send, even when the Naval Personnel Center essentially ignored my record requests. That’s how I got my Approval to Test letter. Some CPO thirty years ago told me to make copies of everything, I listened, and it paid off.

Don’t be embarrassed about it. It happens, and it happens to a lot of people. It’s your career, so do what it takes to protect it. Being polite goes a long way, so don’t be rude, but get it done. :slight_smile:

Catherder and Orion nailed it. Make lots of copies and send things by email! CYA, my brother. CYA.

Ah Yes, the ongoing NMC Frustration! I feel for you, but can only hope you learned a Valuable Lesson-COPY AND SAVE EVERYTHING!
I keep both Electronically Scanned and Paper Back-ups of Every Scrap of Information. I also keep written notes with the Names, dates, times and subject of Discussion from every conversation with the NMC. This way you can have specific and exact Information to support your cause in case of an incident such as this.