Sea time letters

I currently have a 100 ton master license. I’m trying to get my AB unlimited. I’m missing sea time letters from one company that is no longer open. I had a copy but have misplaced it. I sent that same copy to the coast guard when I was applying for my 100 ton. So the question is…does the coast guard keep that on file? Or am I SOL? Thanks in advance.

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Good news… they are supposed to have a copy of your past applications including sea service. This all used to be kept in paper form at the local RECs. But since NMC was stood up, no longer so. But the first time I had to get my NMC issued credential, they were able to have my file transferred.

Now whether or not they can find your files is a different story. I’m sure they will all be teleworking soon, so you better hurry and see.

Yes the do. You can request your legacy file and they will send you everything
You’ve ever sent them

They should have all your previously submitted sea time in their system. If you apply and they don’t have it in their computers tell your evaluator and they’ll dig up the paper copy.