Company Won't Give Sea Time Letter

Hey guys. What do I do in the situation where a company I worked for will not give me a letter of sea time? I have written them several times, and I even wrote out one letter stating the exact days, time, and ect. Any suggestions? NMC web help told me it was a personal issue, and they had nothing to do with it, and that coast guard won’t take check stubs or W-2s as proof of time.

Can you get one of your Captains to write the letter? I did that once many years ago in a similar situation.

what about writing the letter yourself being sure to include all contact info for the company in question in case CG wants to follow up; in that case they’d go right to the company?

What Company are we discussing here? It would help to know whoz who in the zoo before deadly force gets authorized…:cool:

Contact your captain. He can sign and with a ships stamp, the coast guard will accept it. Better yet, send the letter you prepared with dates, etc, to the vessel. All he has to do is verify it, print and sign. you will be golden.

The Captain Route is the easiest way, but if I’m not mistaken it’s a Jones Act violation not to give a mariner their sea time, maybe there is a legal avenue you could threaten them with. A few hundred bucks to the right attorney?

Go to the Court house and get the form to file a Small Claims action. Fill it out for the Maximum limit the court allows, I think some allow small claims up to $5000.00

State that the failure of the company to fulfill their obligation to provide you with the letter is preventing you from obtaining a higher level of Coast Guard licenses and is there by causing you lost wages.

After you fill it out. Send a copy to the company, return receipt requested with 2 letters. One being a sea time letter all filled out that they just have to sign and return to you. The other being one that says if they don’t sign and return the sea time letter you will file the small claim action in court.

Excellent reply Sky Cowboy,Good advice for several situations I can think of…:cool: