Lost Sea-Time Letters

I recently had break in at my apartment, along with much electronics, the crack-heads took my small filing cabinet that held most of my personal item including ALL my sea-time letters. They amount to about 190 days of sea-time on private yachts all over 100-tons. I can not find any information on the USCG site that I could fill out for lost time. As this will be for an original license 100-ton master, what is my best way to recreate this sea-time??? trying to track down the owners (who do not want to be bothered) along with the captains is not working efficiently. Any suggestions???<br><br><div>Ken<br><br><div><br><br></div></div>

I would track down the owners…<br><br>Do you have any other choice? That’s your only proof.

I can’t help you with this one, but in the future you should have certified copies made of all your documents related to your license (this can be done by a notary public, try your bank) and kept in a separate location. <br><br>Good luck chasing down the owners and captains…

I have had lots of old crew contact me for their lost or original seatime from years ago. As long as they made it easy for me I always obliged. I kind of take it as my responsibility. There is no such thing as a “USCG lost seatime form”, or everyone and their brother would be captain.Search online for Captains and the yachts. Shouldn’t be too hard if they were over 100 ton boats. Even if the skipper has changed, the present one knows where the last went. Try the broker the yacht was listed with as well. Yes it will take time, but your option is to go back to sea. If you find them, make sure to send return envelope and postage as well as cash for notary if needed. Whatever you do, do not lie to the CG. At least it was only 6 months seatime. You can always take your class and go back to work as deckie to make up the days, as long as you do it in a year after testing I believe.