Sea sickness

How can i help myself with sea sickness. I like to travel alot i ocean but can’t help myself with sea sickness.
Can someone recommend something to get relieve of it.

Ginger beer helps and the best cure is the electric wristband device.
I take it from your post you are a passenger, steering usually helps a lot too if you can.

Look for a drug called “Antivert”. It is the base drug in Bonaime and Dramamine (SP) . You can get a lot more pills for a lot less.

I would take one a couple of hours before sailing when I knew the weather would be nasty. During the trip, I would take one before watch. These did not make me drowsy at all. The best part was after using them, I found I could use them less and less as the weather no longed affected me.

Also great with rum.

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I suffered with it for all my sea going career days.
The very worst was 1966, USN LST 1178 , flat bottom= roll,roll,roll .
In the USMM I sailed on just about everything, but I found tankers to be the best bet for my sea sick problem.

The prescription patch that resembles a band aid worked great .
It is sometimes too strong so I would cut it in half. Good luck.

We used to use those scopolamine patches. I am not sure how easy they are to get now, but back in the day they worked pretty well when started before you needed them. They are absolutely no good for flying because they can cause visual hallucinations.
AFAIK these things work great and have no side-effects.
I don’t need them myself, but have sailed and flown with people that used them to good effect.

I just researched a wristband called= “reliefband”.
It,s all over the internet.
95% of the user reviews said it worked for motion sickness,
and also for medical reasons such as vertigo,etc.
good luck

Best cure for seasickness: sit under a tree.

What is Seasickness? And 50 Ways Professional Mariners Tackle It!

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If I anticipate crappy weather (some of our vessels ride like absolute shite), I get a scopolamine patch and put it on day before. if not available, bonine or equivalent tablet taken night before (I take it before bed).

If you have never used anti motion sickness meds before, use one at home first to see how it affects you. They can cause grogginess for a day or so…

You can also experiment with ginger capsules, and ginger ale. get Canada Dry, it uses real ginger. Many folks say it’s effective.

I keep Ginger Gum on my boat. We’ve tried having a bunch of things aboard for guests but the ginger gum seems to work best.

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I haven’t seen that before. I’ll pick up a pack.

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I guess, like some other folks, I am lucky. . .I have only been seasick once in my life, and it happened a few years after I “came ashore”. I caught a small boat from offshore in the middle of the night, for a two hour run into Freeport, Texas. . . it as a small survey boat we were using for a UWILD, and they still had prep work to do, so I jumped on the boat to head in for a day. Man, the entire ride back in, I was just smashed. . . puked twice. . .it never happened before, and has never happened since. . .the seas were sure not the worst I had experienced (I sailed for several years on string boats). . . I still think that it might have been that sandwich I had . . . .but it didn’t feel like food poisoning, and stopped as soon as we got to the jetties. . . .I am just glad that it never happened again. . . .

Scopolamine patches are still easy to get, I just ask for a prescription from my doctor straight up but they are not cheap without insurance.

Back before GPS and sat Nav I used to do a few deep sea yacht deliveries.
I used to make sure that everyone had a patch the day before we sailed so I had a functioning crew.

Just a note about the scopolamine patches – once in a very great while someone will suffer an acute psychosis. I’m told that this was fairly exciting when it happened on a yacht in the Annapolis-Bermuda race a number of years ago.

It of course has a slew of other common and uncommon side effects. Read the package insert carefully.

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In the olde days drinking a cup of seawater cured it forever. I never tried it, only got seasick once, first sail leaving Hono but I would sure like to see someone try it!