Scuttlebutt - SUNY SST?

News from the President, not a surprise…

Dear Cadets, Faculty, and Staff,

The College has been informed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD) that the delivery of our new training ship Empire State will be further postponed from late June to late July (or later) due to delays in outfitting, system integration, and testing and commissioning. It is imperative that our new ship, the first of five training ships under construction, meet all safety standards and is ready for the embarkation of Cadets. As such, we now need to execute a Summer Sea Term contingency plan for all licensed Cadets.

We have arranged for all First Class Cadets to complete their summer training onboard the TS Kennedy and return to Maritime College on or about August 8, 2023. This will fulfill the sea time and academic requirements for most Cadets planning to sit for the August license examination. For Cadets sitting for the examination who are short sea days, arrangements will be made for them to accumulate the additional required sea time on alternative vessels where possible. Summer Sea Term bills for all 1/c Cadets will be adjusted accordingly.

The College is committed to providing a Sea Term this summer for all Second Class and Third Class Cadets. We are working closely with MARAD to identify an alternative training vessel for all Second and Third Class Cadets should TS Empire State be unavailable until late July or early August. Reporting instructions will be forthcoming once a training ship is confirmed. We understand the need for Second Class and Third Class Cadets to adjust their summer schedules and make travel arrangements for returning to Maritime College. We are working diligently with MARAD to finalize plans for this summer and will communicate dates for the Summer 2023 Sea Term as soon as possible.

Since this will be a short SST, the College plans to have a three-week winter cruise over the winter break (January 5 – 25). With this plan, most Second and Third Class Cadets will be back on track to accumulate the required sea time prior to sitting for their license examination.

The College realizes this is an inconvenience and disappointment, but the delivery of the new ship is beyond our control. Our primary goal is to provide all Cadets with a quality at-sea learning experience that will ensure they pass the USCG license exam, graduate on time, and are successful in their careers.

We will provide weekly updates as plans continue to be developed and finalized. Please continue to monitor your email for additional details.