Screen Cleaning Goodness

This came from Panbo, the marine electronics blog, an new type of screen cleaner that actually works:

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Panbo says:

"The joke going around edit circles after Purosol’s press release
about its super duper Sport/Marine screen cleaner—which purportedly is
“non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, contains no CFCs, no detergents and no
solvents of any kind”—was “sounds like…water!” But it’s not so. In
fact, I tasted it (what we do for you people). More important, I’ve
tried it now on about five screens, all with possibly fragile coatings, and it not only cleans better than the standard suggestion—which
is water—but it leaves a smooth non-static coating that you can feel
but not see. It is not cheap at $7.95 per ounce bottle, microfiber
cloth extra, but, man, it does the job. Available direct from Purosol, and soon, I would hope, from your friendly electronics outfit. "

Check out the blog [HERE](" title="marine electronics blog) and the story post HERE

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Seems pretty cool.