Help!-Best Painting Equipment?


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Hey Guys,<span> </span>

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I know everyone out there has different painting equipment
and techniques.<span> </span>Onboard we are looking
to go to something more then deck scalers (bumblebees) and needle guns. <span> </span>We cannot open blast because we have
completion equipment on board, so it cant make a mess. We tried a thing called
a BRS (Blast Recover system) which is a normal blaster with a vacuum on
it.<span> </span>It sucked Balls.<span> </span>Let me know if you have had any experience
running crews with these items and you impressions on them.

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Sponge Blasting

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Ultra High Pressure (if so what model)


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I’ve had great success with the blastrac unit but don’t attempt
to use it unless you have a really good paint Forman who has experience using
it and is willing to take the time to service it daily.


Ultra High Pressure is my favorite. its clean and it works but you have to worry about the guys killing themselves. Also make sure they are taking the right amount of paint off… just go till you see some white steel then stop. I can’t imagine the sponge blasters work too well and I think the blastracs only work on deck surfaces.