Scrap vessel

Anyone has a contact of people selling vessel for scrap, 1000 short ton or more.

why do you want to know?

btw, vessels containing asbestos or PCB’s can’t be exported from the US!

Esco in Brownsville Texas.

There’s two in Tacoma, WA Hylebos Waterway at the very end that the state would love for you to take. They are the golden west and Helena star.

MARS in Lousiana. Modern American Recycling Services

[QUOTE=cmakin;100852]MARS in Lousiana. Modern American Recycling Services[/QUOTE]

Don’t know about you, I keep a close eye on some one called “Butch” ~ :smiley:

Cool. Start with these.


there’s an old Russkie passenger ship out in the mid Atlantic somewhere you can have if you can find her and get her to a scrap yard somewhere?

[QUOTE=catherder;100863]Cool. Start with these. [/QUOTE]

Hey, what’s wrong with the Cape D’s except for their effing piece of shit engines?

They are GNDN ships.

Go Nowhere, Do Nothing.

[QUOTE=catherder;100871]They are GNDN ships.

Go Nowhere, Do Nothing.[/QUOTE]

but they could still lift the goods and deliver them if needed so considering all the millions that the gummint has poured into them isn’t it worth keeping them on the books?

And the last time they did that was when? Desert storm? I see an awful lot of military cargo move on commercial ships now. Don’t forget all the LMSRs that MSC has too.

Not trying to pick on these in particular actually. I happen to think that the RRF can be reduced in size without adversely jeopardizing readiness.

And if Marad sold off some of this inventory maybe they can make just a tiny dent in the billions they stuck the taxpayer for in the Hawaii Superferry caper and other failed vessel mortgages.

The taxpayers ended up buying those ferries TWICE.

The Title XI loan program cost Americans billions with almost nothing to show for it.

They moved for the Iraq invasion & they move for the once a year underway mobilization.

Most of the 2003 invasion cargo was moved on commercial ships and some MSC assets. Maersk line limited (US) moved a lot of it and still does. Most of the RRF sat out 2003.

I know they activate once a year for about a week and some participate in JLOTs every year. A few helped out in Haiti. But overall, their utility has declined and they are becoming an albatross. It’s past time to reexamine the value of this program when the rest of the nation is being asked to belt tighten.

I’m not saying get rid of them all. However, if you consider that there are over 50 such vessels, it gives one pause.

They were gone for a while. Our company dock was with 2 of them. The fishing got good again

[QUOTE=Tugted;100898]They were gone for a while. Our company dock was with 2 of them. The fishing got good again[/QUOTE]

You are right, I stand corrected and feel like a moron. Pal on Cape D—straightened me out. In fact they got stuck in the Med when Turkey wouldn’t let us land vehicles and drive across their territory :frowning:

They were out for 45 days, some longer

[QUOTE=Sweat-n-Grease;100855]Don’t know about you, I keep a close eye on some one called “Butch” ~ :D[/QUOTE]

Oh, he IS a character. Pretty much looks the way you would expect, too.