Sause Bros

I wrote a papers on Young Brothers a few weeks ago and with the help from here, I ended up with an A.

I wanted to do another report but on Sause Bros this time. For those who work for them as a deckhand or whatever your position is, can you tell me the benefits for working for them? How often ahead of time do you know when you’ll be working/not working? Also any important info about working for them will be helpful!

Thank you.

Hello Leilamiller!
I saw your other post about Young Brothers. I think you’ll find that most tug companies have similar schedules. I believe the biggest differences will be with the runs that their on. As an example, the harbor towing vessels might only do 2 weeks on/2 weeks off but the offshore towing (mainland to HI or Seattle to Alaska) might do hitches of a month on/off.

I’m not sure of the objective for your paper, but maybe it would be interesting to write about the training and qualification process to work on a tug boat? I’m happy to chat about training if you’re interested.

Good Luck!