Saudi Prince Yacht Capsizes


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That prince does not seem to be very fond of wood, mostly plastic by the looks of it. Why a Cayman Island flag, to save some money?

Steel hull with aluminum superstructure like most yachts that size. It only looks like plastic because an army of craftsmen spent a great deal of time fairing and painting the thing and another army of workers make a good living maintaining it that way.

Cayman Islands is a very well respected flag in the large yacht industry because the standards of regulation and survey are among the highest. They know large yachts very well. The Cayman yacht register is nothing like the Liberian or some other registers that are nothing more than firewalls that protect bankers and hedge funds.

Why would anyone take joy at the losses created by this event? There are around 15 crew out of work, and the yard is going to lose a fortune.

If the yacht haters would put their jealousy aside they might understand that those boats are businesses that employ hundreds of yard workers, suppliers, and marine industries. They are among the best means of transferring wealth from the people you love to hate to the little people like us.

Do you hate scotch or gin because rich people drink it?



The idea of plastic was also more or less suggested by this picture with sitting benches which look like they came straight out of a mould instead of being created by expert ship carpenters.

This is the shipyard where it happened.

Looks like all the padding has been removed (as well as the tabletops) in preparation for docking.



The ship is not the Nourah!


Stella Rissaki CEO and Partner - Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. She has quite an impressive career in shipbuilding.

Building those yachts puts close to 8 billion dollars into the Dutch economy each year. The largest B2B marine equipment trade show in the world fills Amsterdam with thousands of exhibitors from all over the planet each year.

Turkey, where the Nourah was built is third behind Italy and the Netherlands in large yacht production. That part of the industry pays more than “living wages” to a great number of people. Every penny spent on or by those boats comes out of the pockets of those who are hated because they own big yachts.

Why waste energy hating something that does so much good for so many people?

I don’t remember ever having said or written that I hated them for having big yachts. It is true that I am not fond of their totalitarian regime and how they deal with women and dissidents like the journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was assassinated in a horrible way and pulling the plug out of the oil market as they recently did.

I wasn’t addressing you specifically. My responses were based on the title of the thread. It is disturbing to see a suggestion that anyone, especially those of us in the marine industry should take joy in the loss of a boat that has contributed so much to so many of our colleagues.

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I’ll edit the title.

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Should we have mourned for the lost jobs of the honest hardworking seamstresses & tailors who made the robes & hoods for the KKK when their organization fell out out favor too? Screw the Saudi Crown Price, the yacht that he rode in on & his henchmen sailors that worked for him too IMO.

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But… but… I like being a henchman!

*skulks back to day job*


Don’t feed trolls or wrestle with pigs.

Lay down with dogs & gets fleas. Work in a concentration camp & I think you deserve a lot worse. Work at the beck and call of a monster who orders assassins to murder innocent people & I think you are getting off pretty easy with your work place getting flipped over on her side. The Prince will probably think it was a curse put on him by the crew & have them decapitated anyways.

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Troll!?!?! Its the freaking maga yacht of a billionaire dictator monarch that has innocent people murdered because he doesn’t like them!!!

If you ever hear one of the passengers order a martini, shaken not stirred, get off your ship the fast as you can because that thing is going down & audiences across the world will be cheering & doing fist pumps in the heads.

I think it’s this guy:

Turki bin Mohamed, is the son of Muhammad bin Fahd Al Saud, the second-oldest son of late Saudi King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and is also the grandnephew of the current King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

This is the same King Salman whose son Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (known informally as MBS) is believed to be have orchestrated what many are seeing as a coup by sideling prominent Saudi royals and taking decisions that could win over the country’s liberal quarters.

Wikipedia says he has fled to Iran.

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I think this ugly yacht is 10 meters too long and that you don’t need an extra wheel house up top. A perfect yacht has a good suite for the owner (below the one wheel house) and then max 10 smaller suites for family and guests. You need a saloon for women to chat in, another for men to smoke and discuss serious matter and a video room for the kids. Open deck aft is for dining in port. Maybe a platform on the stern for swimming and games is helpful. Most important is a good cook, galley and dining room on main deck.

Wasn’t there a thread a couple months back with a guy talking about wild sex parties on a yacht like this? May explain the propensity for non-porous surfaces… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yehhhhhhhhh…don’t feel bad one damn bit for the oil sheikh’s yacht turning over.

I hope they all turn turtle. Their shipfitters and joiners can find a job elsewhere that doesn’t cater to shitbird oil kings.

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