Safety maintenance

Hey guys,

Most of you know that from time to time you have to replace the reflecting tape on lifebuoys…
Tis is also a very time consuming job especially removing the tame.
So my question sounds: does one of you know a quick and easy method for removing those tapes?

Don’t let it get super shitty, and you can generally peel it in a few big pieces. Otherwise get a razor blade and have at.

Go borrow the hair dryer from the CE and heat it up before you try to peal it off

It’s usually on the shelf between the turtle and the rock

Anything wrong with cleaning the old tape really well and putting new tape on top of the old tape, which already has a tenacious bond with the substrate?

Works for me!

I didn’t know there was any other way to do it…

I already found another and a faster way… Just use a high pressure water set… There is nothing that high pressure water can’t clean :slight_smile: a fast and easy way to do it

It is not a bad idea but if the tape below is really dammaged… Then it is not a good idea. And also you could only do that a couple of times before it becomes to thick and you have to remove them all :slight_smile: But if there is no time then it is a quick fix and good method