Sorry for the Inconvenience

To gCaptain Readers,<br><br>I would like to apologize to everyone for any trouble you may have experienced today in viewing gCaptain’s content.<br><br>As you may know, we have been covering this Golden-Shellback splash proof coating and it is getting a lot of attention. In fact, it made the Yahoo homepage today! Unfortunately for us however, the increased traffic has crashed our servers. In terms of problems, I guess it is a good one to have, but nevertheless it is a problem. We are working on getting gCaptain up and running at its full potential very soon. <br><br>We apologize for the inconvenience.<br><br>-John

All your fault.<br><div>Can Golden-Shellback go on chihuahuas?</div>

John, my deckhand don’t really understand what the shelback has to do with the gcaptain and wanted me to ask you if you sell the shellback or work for them? Did the shellback make the gcaptain not work right and be slow please explain just because I really don’t understand how that works cause I tried to go on and it would not let me. Thanks and no hard feelins John