Wiper Blades?

Kinda random but, can anyone reccomend a good wiper blade? Looking to replace 12 on our bridge. Need to be heavy duty because of the harsh weather conditions up here in Alaska, especially during the winter. Right now we have the straight-bar squeege type but they suck.

Are they the Decca Straight line wiper systems made by imtra? If so the last boat i was on had the basic $100 wipers. the rubber started to rot and peel away. called the company and they suggested checking the tension on the arm. if it’s too tight you get streaks and the wipers get worn down much quicker, if too loose, well obviously the wipers don’t do shit. other than that they suggested buying the more expensive $180 “heavy duty” blades.


Not sure if they are Decca’s. The blades are at least 3 years old, possibly even 5-6 years. Im gonna look into getting Decca blades though. Only other mfg I could find was Marinco.

The motors and arms are fine. Tension seems pretty good too.

Yea, the Decca blades were about the same age, seems like they’re only supposed to last that long then? That seems like a pretty acceptable lifetime though, especially in salt water conditions and the cold. the ones I changed were only exposed to fresh water.

I was having trouble getting replacements for sea serpent wiper blades. I ended up ordering a set made for busses online. They held up pretty well in the Gulf of Mexico, can’t attest to ice conditions.

Tension or compression?