SAFELAUNCH Lifeboat Release Hook


[B]Safe launching of davit-launched lifeboats[/B]
The SAFELAUNCH Lifeboat Release Hook is a quick release on-load hook that is designed to allow the safe launch of conventional davit launched lifeboats. SAFELAUNCH combines innovative design, high quality materials and precision engineering to provide a reliable, durable and cost-effective release hook which sets new standards of operational safety with the added benefit of low lifetime cost of ownership.

SAFELAUNCH meets the requirements of the latest SOLAS, IMO and LSA Codes and is approved by DNV in accordance with the EU Marine Directive. The system is designed to be compatible with all existing types of conventional lifeboat and can be installed into new lifeboats or retrofitted to old lifeboats as an upgrade.

[B]Key Features[/B]
The design of SAFELAUNCH was based on a thorough review of existing designs and utilised real-life experience by Survival Craft Inspectorate, who have been maintaining this type of equipment for many years. The key requirement was to eliminate the risk of accidental release and to keep the need for maintenance to a minimum.