Lifeboat Hook Scheduled Replacement

We have Schat Harding boats that are 12 years old… my company decided to refurbish the boats but they hired Noresafe to do the work. Well the boats passed inspection and weight tests but noresafe’s final report says that the hooks need to eb replaced. Not the hydrostatic release mechanism (which I would understand) but the actual steel hooks.

The report says that these hooks have to be replaced every 5 years.

I read in SOLAS that the releasing system has to be overhauled every 5 years but it makes no mention of replacing the hooks. Has anyone heard of such a requirement or is this just Noresafe company policy?

I was on a rig for 9 years with Schadt Harding boats serviced by Schadt Harding and never had to change the hooks. Not saying that a requirement doesn’t now exist but it didn’t then. I would tell the Noresafe guys to provide a reference to the requirement they are quoting. If they can’t provide one they are probably just trying to get some more of your employer’s money.

The hooks actually have to be overhauled every year now. Overload tested every 5 years. If a certified service says they need to be replaced, there would be no question regardless of any reg, what needs to be done, but I have never read such a requirement.

I will email you a letter from ABS in reference to the 2006 amendments - MSC.1/Circ.1206.

Hmmm. Just perchanced on this thread and can hopefully clarify such matters.

Norsafe’s advice to you was just plain wrong John. There is no requirement for hooks to be replaced every five years. They should only be replaced if they are no longer fit for purpose, due to perhaps wear or corrosion etc. The hydrostatic release mechniasms you refer to are a part of the overall release gear system and as such, there is (on some designs) a simple rubber diaphragm that requires periodic replacement.

Anchormans info is also slightly wrong. There is no requirement for hooks to be overhauled every year. They only need to be inspected and serviced each year, and overhauled once every five years. This as stated in MSC.1/Circ.1206 Rev 1.

Having said all that, there are now new requirements, per MSC.1/Circ.1392 for ALL EXISTING types of release gear to be evaluated and a design review to be performed by the manufacturers. This in order to determine their capabilties and potential for accidental release or unintentional opening. Once the systems have been evaluated, the results are to be posted on the IMO’s GISIS website. It’s publically visible for all to see which systems have been avaulated and found to be compliant or none compliant. All none compliant systems need to be repaced with new release gear the first dry docking after 1st July 2014 and before 1st July 2019The list for all hooks will be closed in less than four weeks time (1st July 2013) and any hooks that are not listed at all will also be deemed as none compliant and require replacement. Current industry estimates indicate that over 65000 lifeboats will need new release gear before July 2019!