S/R Baytown


Has anyone heard any info about the ship reporting cracks in it hull up at Valdez OR the 3 a/e being electrocuted?


No, sure haven’t.


cracking wouldn’t surprise me, TAPS trade, long narrow hull, not so new ship.


I saw on the Mass Maritime group that a recently graduated 3/E was indeed electrocuted on that ship, however, I have not heard any details of the incident. I don’t know about the cracking.


That was my first ship as a 3/M in 1990. The ship the 3 A/E died on was the S/R Wilmington. They were similar but the Wilmington is shorter and is a chemical tanker. The Baytown carries crude.


There was an article in the latest Professional Mariner about the 3 A/E being electrocuted, but I don’t see it on their website.